This is an ALL original 1993 Fender "Blues" Deville with the following specs:

  • Cabinet: Tweed covering with Oxblood grill-cover
  • Speakers: Four 10-inch vintage re-issue "Blue alcino" speakers
  • Power output: 60 Watt Tube amplifier
  • Dimensions: height: 23 1/2", width: 23 1/2", depth: 10 3/4, weight: 60 lbs
Looks can be deceiving

This amp, believe it or not, has hardly been played at all. It still has the original 1993 tubes and it sounds AMAZING! I bought it in 2001 from a guy who rarely played it because he lived in an apartment. I've never played it for more than an hour or two in my basement because I don't know any people to jam with. Unfortunately, though, the cabinet, tolex, chrome is a mess.

Why it got so funky looking if it hasn't been moved around?

  1. It has been in my basement since 2001.
  2. In 2005 I tried to remove some stains on the tolex using a "mild" bleach solution (what an ass!)
  3. This resulted in dulling the tolex, removing the red ink off of the back plate and some ink from the numbers on the faceplate ... oh, and it made the stains look worse.
  4. To avoid any more potential damage, I raised the amp onto a 10 inch brick platform - so of course in 2011 Hurricane Irene dumps 14 inches of water into my basement.
  5. In spite of its poor abused body ... this amp still sings